15·09·2012 •  discosmultimediaNuevo CDRare Zoo
We are recording our second work "Rare Zoo", in this second CD we have great friends, incredible guest musicians that brings new colours to our music.

Adal Pumarabín: drums and percussion.
Pablo Martin Jones: drums and percussion.
David Herrington: trumpet.
Diego Galaz: violin.

We will upload samples at our website, here you have the list of themes that are ready to mix and master!

"Esperando a Eva"
"Delfines a babor"
"Cena en Bourgues"
"¿Donde estará mi Charro?"
"Bonne nuit, Eva"
"Nube para 3"
"Gamusinos intrépidos"
"Los osos también tocan la trompeta"
"Corrido del Curavacas"