13·03·2013 •  cdsdiscosmultimedia
“Otodectes” (2009) is this original band’s first record release, where the duet deploys a palette of musical landscapes inspired on traditional melodies from the Spanish region of Castilla y León and a range of European music styles.

"Rare Zoo" (2013). A new amusing proposal that blends improvisation, creativity and tradition. In this second album, Taper Duel develop further their original sound; tunes that are born into the combination of an accordion and an electric bass, heightened with the talent of incredible musicians who desired to join this evocative experience that will make you fly away.
Guest musicians: Adal Pumarabín, David Herrington, Diego Galaz, Pablo Martin Jones, Eliseo Parra, Carlos Raya. Design: Niña Vero.